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Powerflare Corp, United States

Powerflare Corp Powerflare Corp designs and manufactures compact, high intensity flares that are also extremely rugged. They can also function to water depths of 300 ft and are designed for use in the harshest of environments. Based on LED light technology, PowerFlare’s products are well-suited for military and civilian emergency units, first responders, tactical operations, search and rescue and a wide variety of marine and underwater activities. LED lighting is the natural replacement for incendiary flares in these applications, removing risks due to pollution, fire danger, and liability. Each PowerFlare® unit is the size of a hockey puck yet is strong enough to withstand being run over by heavy vehicles.

PowerFlare® Safety Lights are available with both rechargeable and CR123 lithium disposable batteries. The rechargeable units are designed for daily use, while the version with disposable batteries is ideal for occasional use.

Operating characteristics include:

  • 10 Flash Patterns, including ‘S-O-S’,
  • Up to 100 hours of use from one battery or charge,
  • High-grade military-standard polymer shell,
  • Waterproof, and
  • Environmentally friendly and easy to use

PowerFlare's products are also available in infrared (IR) versions.

PowerFlare Corporation is located in Palo Alto, California

Kaycom in the Master Distributor and exclusive representative for PowerFlare products in Canada and has established a comprehensive commercial distribution network to sell this product line.

Kaycom Inc.
193 Brunswick Blvd., Pointe-Claire, Quebec, Canada, H9R 5N2
Phone: 514-693-0001 Fax: 514-693-0011


August 11th, 2010:

PF Distribution Center, Inc., the Worldwide Master Distributor for PowerFlare Electronic LED Safety Light products, understands the importance of having strategic in-country support in order to become successfully involved in key international procurement programs.

Featured Product

Rechargeable 6 Pack Model


Six beacons contained in a charging case which plugs into a vehicle hot point (12-30VDC) or, for charging in the office, home, or garage canbe plugged into a 120VAC receptacle with optional adapter.